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Track it - universal international automated package track and trace service, destined to simplify gathering of information aboutmovement of packages, parcels, letters, banderols, freight, and other types of postal shipmants starting from posting and up to delivery without waste of time.

Our goal is to provide:

  • Search and gathering of maximum information about movement of postal items.
  • Protection from unscrupulous buyers and sellers.
  • Simplification and automation of notification about shipments delivery.

Who interested this?


  • Track package with order or just some expected parcel.
  • Find out carrier, which delivers item.
  • Timely receive information about shipments arrival or necessity to take action.

Seller or small store:

  • Order delivery control.
  • Notification of their customers about delivery, loyalty increase.
  • Automation of getting information about shipments.
  • Integration of Track and trace system into own shops.


  • Order delivery control.
  • Notification of their customers about delivery, loyalty increase.
  • Автоматизация получения информации о посылках.
  • Automation of getting information about shipments.
  • Integration of Track and trace system into own shops.

B2C companies:

  • Simple integration with many transport companies using one interface.

Our services.

Today We can provide not only package tracking services, but other services too for our customers

  • Ebay goods monitoring - service, which allows You find goods at international auction Ebay in automatic mode. All You need - is only once tune searching query, and our service will be finding good with your parameters and show updates several times a day. Service available only for registered customers.
  • Aliexpress (Alibaba) seller reliability check - service, which allows You to check risk of fault deal with choosen seller using his reputation and other parameters.
  • Bulk Ebay shipment upload - function, which allows to get fast upload shipment data from Ebay and switch e-mail notification to your Buyer.
  • CN23 customs declaration form - a form, which allows to make and print customs declaration CN23 for small packets.
  • E-mail notification - function, destined to notify You of Your customer about movement of packages by e-mail.
  • Expanded E-mail notification - additional possibility for e-mail notifications, which include information about order or goods (if add links to order or goods).
  • Buyer protection - function, which notify customer about ending of protection terms of goods (if protection time set by customer).
  • API - for integration with small shops and sites.
  • Other interesting services - which are still not available, due to You did not asked it yet.


We are developing and supporting our service in a nonstop mode, and today we can provide track and trace of international and local pachagesfor over 500 different companies:

  • Governmental postal services (delegated postal carriers)
  • Nongovernmental international express couriers
  • National express couriers
  • Air freight
  • Intermediary
  • B2C & B2B companies
  • Shops


Track It generally aggregate information provided by official deliverer companies using their public or internal syatems and databases, except some transport companies, which have no such systems. Unfortunetely, not all transport companies allow use this information through 3rd parties. Track It is not carrier, or owner of the provided information. In most cases owner of the information appers in result data.


International package trackin service Track It hosted at and domains and not affiliated with any other services. Gde Posylka, Post-tracker, Trackchecker, Packagetrackr, Trackomat have no any relations to Track It. Any questions regarding these services and issues should be directed to their owners.

Android application

10/18/2018 The application has been updated:

  • design changes made
  • fixed Toas message with application minimized
  • fixed parcel display functionality

Download the application in the playmarket at the link: Currently, an account on is required for the application to work.

2018-10-25 15:46:00

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