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#1 gamondian [ 2 0 ] : 2016-12-25 22:16:18
I live in Italy near Milan and usually I received packets from China Post in one month, or a bit more. Last time it took more than two months and I think Poste Italiane has the fault of it. When I called them, they said the packet was lost after so much time and maybe it never left China. It was untrue, in fact after several calls they managed to release the packet from the local custom office and finally delivered it. I know it takes time for the parcel to leave that office in Italy but I fear they wouldn't have released it if I didn't call PI customer service many times. My advice is to call and call until they give you a valid explanation.

Vivo vicino a Milano e di solito ho ricevuto i pacchetti dalla Cina in un mese, o un po' di più. L'ultima volta ci sono voluti più di due mesi e penso che le Poste Italiane abbiano la colpa. Quando li ho chiamati, hanno detto che il pacchetto è stato perso dopo tanto tempo e forse non ha mai lasciato la Cina. Era falso, infatti dopo diverse chiamate sono riusciti a liberare il pacchetto dalla dogana locale e infine consegnarlo. So che ci vuole tempo prima che il pacco lasci la dogana italiana, ma temo che non lo avrebbero rilasciato se non avessi chiamato il servizio clienti PI molte volte. Il mio consiglio è quello di chiamare e richiamare fino a quando ti danno una spiegazione valida.
#2 Konstantin [ 2187 132 ] : 2016-12-25 22:35:30
This is maybe because of New Years overload.
And palette with your item just was covered with other palettes in flow.
And when they operated other palettes, they took the one with yours.

Sometimes it happens.
#3 gamondian [ 2 0 ] : 2016-12-25 22:39:07
package left China in early October, it was due to arrive in November, not around Xmas
#4 Shipping in USA [ 13 1 ] : 2017-01-19 14:19:36
#7949 gamondian [ 2 0 ]
package left China in early October, it was due to arrive in November, not around Xmas
Unfortunately, I have same issues with Post Italia
I sent , from Serbia, two, almost same packages, one to France and one to Italy
It was delivered in France in 6 days and 25 days to Italy!
I ussualy contact Post Italia on their FB page, and they tell me there is no information about shipment
and misteriosly in day or two it shows on tracking
So, as gamondian tell, just call, call, call them, but buyers from Italy are geting nervous
I was always wondering why so many items on ebay have note, "I don't ship to Italy", but with my 
two years experience, I am getting picture why....
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